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Gastos del proyecto Konso Kids.

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No.Budget required UnitQtyRateAmountBudget source
A. Foods, School, and Cloths Support
1.1Food Furniture Budget
1.1cooking dishes purchase for food preparationpcs1500500Skate Like Lion
1.2Spoons for eating pasta foods pcs1630480Skate Like Lion
1.3plates for putting food in it pcs1030300Skate Like Lion
1.4water drinking containers pcs1045450Skate Like Lion
Sub total1730
2School materials required for 3 months
2.1pens, 2 to each kidspens1610160Skate Like Lion
2.2pencils, 1 to each kidspencils10550Skate Like Lion
2.3Exercise books, 5 to each kids for 3 monthsbooks2415360Skate Like Lion
2.4School bags, 1 to each kidsbags800from spain
Sub total570
3Food grain and vegetables for 3months
3.1Maize grain, 1 quintals required (1quintal = 100kg)quintal215003000Skate Like Lion
3.2Wheat grain 1 quintal requiredquintal118001800Skate Like Lion
3.3eggs prepared twice in a week( 8x3monthsx 8eggs)eggs1605800Skate Like Lion
3.4pasta food prepared twice a week ( 4puckets for 3months )puckets84003200Skate Like Lion
3.5vegetables, Carrots, moringa leaves, onions, salt, total for 3monthstotal125002500Skate Like Lion
3.6Fire wood to cook foods ( 8bundle x 3months)bundles242004800Skate Like Lion
3.7Water colleted by woman from private peopleJargans40041600Skate Like Lion
3.8OIL, beans, chilli parper,total115001500Skate Like Lion
3.9Injera local food twice a weekInjera905450Skate Like Lion
Sub total19650
4Cloths, shoes and soap required for 3 months
4.1Konso traditional Trousers required for 8 kidstrousers82001600Skate Like Lion
4.2 Inside cloths (Bant cloths)cloths1600from spain
4.3Jacketsjacket800from spain
4.4shirts (light and night)skrit1600from spain
4.5shoes ( shoes + slipper + shoes cloths)shoes800from spain
4.6cloth soap + skin soap + food furniture washing soap all required each weeksoaps3615540Skate Like Lion
4.8rubber for cleaning store floorrubber16565Skate Like Lion
Sub total2205
5Human resource workers ( woman and guard)
5.1food cooking, water carrying& collecting, cloth washing, grain carrying and grinding in mill machine (woman monthly payment)month610006000Skate Like Lion
5.2 Guard month payment month615009000Skate Like Lion
Sub total15000
6. Vehicle Fuels and office Running budget
6.1Fuel and lubricant for water and material transporting to support kids' Management Workslitres20019.983996Skate Like Lion
6.2oil purchase for car litres000KDA SHARE
6.3Office consumable materialstotal000KDA SHARE
6.4staffs allowance paymenttotal000KDA SHARE
Sub total3996
Required Grand Total Budget for food , school and cloths support43151
7. Kitchen and 2 Basic Bath rooms Construction ( Size: 6.0x 3.3m ) for Skate Park street kids
7.1Excavation & Earth work
7.1.1Site clearing work including the removal of top soil to an average depth of 200mm.357245KDA and Community share
7.1.2Bulk excavation (any soil type) including levelling & dressing over the construction area to adepth > 1000mm.28501400KDA and Community share
7.1.350cm thick stone masonry foundation trench excavation to a depth of 1050mm providing 15cm offsets from each sides.13.41001340KDA and Community share
7.1.4Back fill with non expansive selected material borrowed from out side the site and compacted in layers not exceeding 200mm layers,KDA and Community share
7.1.5Around masonry foundation wall.5.0225125.5KDA and Community share
7.1.6Under ground floor slab.10.2325255.75KDA and Community share
7.1.7Dispose of surplus excavated material to an appropriate tip.33.15401326KDA and Community share
7.1.8Placing 25cm basaltic stone hard core rolled , consolidated & blindede with crushed stone.45002000KDA and Community share
Sub total6692.25
7.2/Masonry work
7.2.150cm thick Sound approved stone masonry wall in cement mortar mix 1:3 in block foundation wall below the ground level.8.37150012555Skate Like Lion
7.2.2Ditto but above NGL.2.815004200Skate Like Lion
Sub total16755
7.3/Concrete work
7.3.15cm thick lean concrete quality of class C-5 , with minimum cement content of 150kg/m³,Skate Like Lion
7.3.2under wal masonry foundation14.940596Skate Like Lion
7.3.3under entrance steps.1.444057.6Skate Like Lion
7.3.4under 10cm ground floor slab.20.540820Skate Like Lion
7.3.5Reinforced concrete quality of C-20 , with minimum cement content of 360kg/m³ , filled in to form work and vibrated around the reinforcement bars.0Skate Like Lion
7.3.6In grade beams1.4428004032Skate Like Lion
7.3.7In 10cm ground floor slab.3.128008680Skate Like Lion
7.3.8In elevated columns.0.7230002160Skate Like Lion
7.3.9In top tie beams.0.7630002280Skate Like Lion
7.3.10Provide , cut and fix in position structural wood or steel form work w/c is ever appropriate,0Skate Like Lion
7.3.11To grade beams 5.7110627Skate Like Lion
7.3.12To elevated columns.181101980Skate Like Lion
7.3.13To top tie beams.14.251101567.5Skate Like Lion
7.3.14Milled steel reinforcement according to structural drawings. Price should include cutting , bending , placing in position , tying wires , concrete spacers and reinforcement bar chains.0Skate Like Lion
7.3.15Ø6mm bars for roof woods anchoringkg370210Skate Like Lion
7.3.16Ø8mm bars for floor slab & for stirrups @20cm c/c stirrupskg91706370Skate Like Lion
7.3.17Ø10mm bars elevated columnskg50.4703528Skate Like Lion
7.3.18Ø12mm bars for grade & top beamkg50.62703543.4Skate Like Lion
7.3.19 black wire for tying barskg27701890Skate Like Lion
Sub total38341.5
7.4/ Block / Bricks/ work
7.4.1200mm thick class "B" concrete hollow blocks elevation wall bedded with cement sand mortar (1:3) , both faces left for plaster:4338016340Skate Like Lion
7.4.2150mm thick class "B" concrete hollow block elevation wall bedded with cement sand mortar (1:3) , both faces left for plaster:8.43803192Skate Like Lion
Sub total19532
7.5/ Roofing work
7.5.1Roof cover in galvanized G-32 CIS roof cover fixed to zigba purlins. (Purlins measured separately and roof measured in hohizontal projection.)322207040Skate Like Lion
Sub total7040
7.6/ Carpentry & Joinary work
7.6.1Supply wood truss firmly anchored to top tie beams with Ø6mm @ 100cm c/c. All structural members should be straight , well seasoned and free of any harmfull defects.Price should include metal band/iron plate/ to hold wood joints together and two coats of ant-termite treatment for purlins.
7.6.2Ø 9-10cm eucalyptus wood upper truss members not lessthan 8m.ml50402000Skate Like Lion
7.6.3Ø9-8cm eucalyptus wood vertica l & diagonal truss members not lessthan 7m.ml15034.65190Skate Like Lion
7.6.4Ø10cm eucalyptus wood lower truss members not lessthan 12m fixed @1.3m c/c.ml4837.51800Skate Like Lion
7.6.55x7cm zigba purlins @ 90cm c/c.ml60301800Skate Like Lion
Sub total10790
7.7/ Metal work
7.7.1Supply and fix locally fabricated metal window and door frames (according to detail drawing) from 28x28x1.5mm LTZ steel profile.Price should include best quality locks with all necessary works , one coat of anti-rust and two coats of synthetic enamel paint.
7.7.2D1, size 0.70x2.00mPcs328008400Skate Like Lion
7.7.3Window-1, size 1.5x1.60mPcs122002200Skate Like Lion
7.7.4Window-2, size 1x1mPcs118001800Skate Like Lion
7.7.5Window-3, size 0.60x 0.6mPcs215003000Skate Like Lion
Sub total15400
7.8/ Plastering & painting work
7.8.1Applying two coats of plastering in cement sand mortar and on fine pastering finish to:
7.8.2Internal and external faces of walls, beams , columns 99.18585752.44Skate Like Lion
7.8.3Pointing the exposed part of the stone masonry wall and external block jointsm 219.6541058.4Skate Like Lion
Sub total6810.84
7.9/ Finishing work
7.9.1Finishing slab by 5cm (1:3 ) cement sand grouting and cement screedingm 225.521704338.4Skate Like Lion
7.9.2Enterance steps and ramp concrete works 3.69603456Skate Like Lion
7.9.3Ceramic tiles for bath room walls and floor slab m 220.724008288Skate Like Lion
Sub total16082.4
7.10/ Electrical installation work
7.10.1Fluorescent /lamp/pcs3150450Skate Like Lion
7.10.2Switch pcs340120Skate Like Lion
7.10.3Size 2.5mm wire 100mml7001711900Skate Like Lion
7.10.4Scatola Pcs31545Skate Like Lion
7.10.5Conduit Pcs630180Skate Like Lion
7.10.6Sub distribution Board Pcs150005000Skate Like Lion
Sub total17695
7.11. Metal Pipes and Washing Facilities sub totaltotal11500015000Skate Like Lion
7.12. Total Labour Cost Sub totaltotal12600026000
Total Kitchen and 2bath rooms196138.99
8. Drinking pipe line extending to Skate Park
8.1Pipe line trench excavating and back fill labour paymentml6503019500Skate Like Lion
8.2Plastic pipe purchaseml6505032500Skate Like Lion
8.3pipe line technican payment for plumberstotal145004500Skate Like Lion
8.4total pipe fittings purchasetotal123002300Skate Like Lion
8.5Water serving point construction total170007000Skate Like Lion
Total Budget for Drinking pipe line extending to Skate Park65800
Grand total Bugdet of Food, School , cloths, Drinking pipe line extending ; and kichen -2basic bath rooms305089.99
Prepared by: Garro Kussia ( Konso Development Association Construction supervisor )
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