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 After our various trips to Ethiopia,  in October 2017 we created Skate Like Lion to work with the people of Konso, a community in the south of the country that fascinated us by their local culture. We discovered that its inhabitants were very hard-working, peaceful and supportive people, so we looked for a way to help the development of their town. After a while we realized that the educational methods were still very traditional, purely theoretical, and the children grew up without any motivation or the possibility of doing any sport or activity that allowed them to continue learning every day.

This is how we thought of proposing to build a skate park so that the children of Konso could have the opportunity to practice an activity that would motivate them and join them. Thanks to the Konso Development Association , we had the possibility of using a field and other facilities for the construction of our first #KaratSkatepark project in August 2018 where many people helped with small contributions through a crowdfunding . Thanks to volunteer builders from the Caribú group, we built what is already known as the most remote skatepark in the world  (YouTube Video) .

After the construction of the skatepark and leaving the country, we received the news that 8 children who lived on the street and had been helping us in the construction, began to live in a very precarious way in the warehouse of our facilities. So we decided to return to Konso in January 2019 to see how we could help these young people and, after talking with the parents of those children who due to disability or poverty they could not support, we decided to start a new project that we called #KonsoKids with the objective that these children could go to school having a decent life. For this we need help through volunteers, donations or partners who give continuity to the project.

At this time (10/25/2020) we have already achieved the first and most important step of the new project, which consisted of bringing water to our facilities. Now, our goal is to finish both projects as soon as possible. This requires a minimum of monthly contributions from the partners and the construction of bathrooms, defense of the land and building the expansion of the skatepark. 

After finishing these projects, we would like to be able to expand the skatepark and build the first non-government school in Konso with a more practical and professional education that helps students get into university. If you are willing to help in these future projects you can also contact us without obligation to our email.


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 Preparar el almacén para que se pueda dormir dentro y reparar el techo.

 Tubería de agua de 500m y construcción de fuente.

 Infraestructura y compra de tanque de agua.

Construcción de baños y duchas.

 Construcción de cocina.

Avances del proyecto

Con el siguiente proyecto esperamos poder proveer de agua y unas instalaciones que les permitan cocinar, asearse y cubra sus necesidades más básicas. Para ello será necesario habilitar una infraestructura que incluya tuberías y un tanque de agua. En el plano podemos ver una expectativa de como irá evolucionando el proyecto aunque no se descartan cambios si en el futuro se busca aumentar la cantidad de niños que viven en el Skatepark.

Help us to finish 2nd stage of #Karatskatepark

The logic is that when you provide schools or any social service to people, they have no choice. They have to take what you give them, because they don't have the money to pay for schools themselves; that's why you provide schools in the first place.

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